Sports Massage

March 25, 2023

Sports massage is geared towards athletes of all levels elite or amateur preparing their bodies for peak performance, it can be done pre event, during training or to help post event.

Benefits of sports massage:

  • Techniques to eliminate pain, spasms, cramps, prevent spreading of edemas and bruises. Treatment protocols for acute and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Recognise exhaustion, dehydration, overheating, overcooling and the right time to refer to medical professionals.
  • Decrease training damage
  • Improves training consistency
  • Promotes complete healing to prevent acute problems from becoming chronic
  • Enables athletes to stay in the competition longer and enhances confidence.

Sports massage, athletes and coaches are linked to ultimately getting the best out of the bodies performance, stimulating blood and lymph flow, increasing flexion and strength. Eliminating waste products, lactic acid and metabolic wastes.

Surfcoast massage is fully qualified in sports massage so call 0438668878 and make an appointment. Surfcoast Massage is located in Jan Juc see our website for details.