Sports Massage

December 28, 2014

Sports Massage is geared towards athletes of all levels elite or amateur preparing their bodies for peak performance, it can be done pre event, during training or to help post event.

Pre event: should assist in warming up an athletes’s body, increasing blood supply to the muscles, preparing the neuro pathways, assisting with joint mobility and leaving the athlete feeling great.

Post event: is to help the athlete to recover from their high intensity exercise, helps circulation, massage and stretching can help restore normal resting tonus. Massage can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, improving the immune system and improves fatigue levels.

Restorative treatments: are intended to resolve or assist the athlete with such conditions. The main goal of the massage is to restore the athlete to a preinjury level of phyiscal and psychological fitness and to exceed the previous level of fitness to avoid future injuries.

Rehabilitative sports massage is to treat the injuries which resulted from the exertion of the sport. The foremost objective of rehabilitative sports massage is to relieve pain and to return the body to it’s former preinjury state.

Sports massage benefits:    

  • techniques to eliminate pain, spasms, cramps, prevent spreading edemas and bruises. Treatment protocols for acute and repetitive strain injuries.
  • recognise exhaustion, dehydration, overheating, overcooling and the right time to refer to medical professionals.   
  • decreases training damage
  • improves training consistency
  • promotes acute injury healing
  • promotes complete healing to prevent acute problems from becoming chronic
  • enables athletes to stay in the competition longer and enhances confidence.        

Sports Massage, athletes and coaches are linked to ultimately getting the best out of the bodies performance, stimulating blood and lymph flow, increasing flexion and strength.  Eliminating waste products, lactic acid and metabolic wastes.
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