Cranio Sacral Therapy Torquay

Surfcoast Massage’s experienced therapist offers cranio sacral therapy Torquay. Also known as cranial sacral therapy, it is a holistic treatment that deals with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels working with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The focus of cranial sacral therapy is the cranio sacral system that consists of cranial bones, membranes and cerebrospinal fluid from the cranium (head) to the sacrum (the tailbone area). This cranio sacral system has a rhythm that that can be felt throughout the body. Your cranio sacral therapist tunes into the body and uses this rhythm to locate the areas of restrictions or congestion. They then assist the body to release its own restriction by contacting and stimulating the body’s own healing forces.

What happens in a cranio sacral therapy session?
In a cranio sacral therapy session you remain fully clothed and lie or sit on a treatment table. Starting at your feet and working upwards, the therapist will place her hands lightly on your body to tune into what is happening in your body. As contact is light, many patients actually fall asleep during treatments.

What can cranio sacral therapy Torquay treat?
Cranio sacral therapy can be used to treat a broad range of conditions such as persistent pain, digestive problems, anxiety, visual problems, insomnia, women’s health issues including problems during pregnancy and infertility, infant and baby health problems such as sleeping difficulties in babies, colic, reflux and behavioural disorders.

As it is such a subtle therapy it can be practiced on anyone from babies to the elderly. Cranio sacral therapy helps resolve problems at a deep level minimising the likelihood of the problem recurring.

Also known as cranial sacral therapy, craniosacral therapy, sacral cranial therapy, CST and often misspelled as cranio sacrale, craniosacraltherapie and craniosacrale therapie. Based in Torquay, we are in the ideal location for clients coming from Geelong, the Surf Coast and even Melbourne. While you are considering massage therapy, ask us about deep tissue massage and pregnancy massage too.