Finding a Remedial Massage Therapist

November 29, 2014

Remedial massage therapist are qualified to do a range of different massages, sports massage, deep tissue, remedial, relaxation and pregnancy massage.                 Other qualifications that they have gone on to do might be, dry needling, cupping, craniosacral, lymphatic drainage.                                                                                       Make sure when you look for a remedial massage therapist that they are with an assaociation which will ensure that the y have a diploma, that they are insured and you will be able to claim through your health insurance.

Once you have established what sort of treatment you need to start googling Remedial massage therapist in your area. Ask questions like can I claim health rebates, how long is the treatment and how much. Not every masseur you go to will necessarily be the right person for you, so it’s about personality, listening to your needs and getting results for you. If they are unable to help you then the next thing is to refer you to the appropriate people, whether that be an osteopath, physiotherapost, sports doctors, MRI etc. Never leave an appointment without knowing what you need to do next, ie you may need another treatment, you may need stretches to help with the problem, ice the area, take anti inflammatories or referral. Makesure you get feedback as to what is causing the problem, if your not understanding something during the treatment ask or give feedback to the therapist.

Surfcoast massage is qualified and is happy to help with discussing your treatment.

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