Dry Needling, Torquay

Dry needling is the process of inserting dry, sterile needles into various targeted muscular pressure points to help relieve stress, nervous tension, muscle pain and other health concerns.

Dry needling is sometimes referred to as ‘acupuncture’, however the two therapies are in fact different. Acupuncture deals with the meridians – or organs – of the body, whereas dry needling targets trigger points of muscles. While they both use the same needle they target different parts of the body for different reasons. Dry needling is effective in treating muscular injuries and pain by relieving pressure at the trigger points of muscles. There are almost endless applications for this type of therapy as it does promote an overall sense of health and well-being for the mind and body.

Like cupping therapy, dry needling has been used to treat health issues and promote well-being for thousands of years! Take a moment to look after yourself and book dry needling or one of our massage treatments in Torquay today. Contact us to make an appointment with our qualified therapist today.