Pregnancy Massage Torquay

Take some time out of your day to book a pregnancy massage Torquay with Lisa at Surfcoast Massage. Massage during pregnancy can help to relieve many of the common side effects associated with pregnancy such as backaches, headaches, edema, stiffness or muscular tension. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on a woman’s body, regular massages during your pregnancy can shorten labour time and help your body make a speedier, smoother recovery.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Also known as prenatal massage, some of the many benefits of a pregnancy massage include:

  • Prenatal massage stimulates circulation throughout the body helping relieve edema or swelling
  • Leg massage during pregnancy can reduce cramps and swelling in the legs
  • Massage can simply relax you and reduce anxiety during pregnancy
  • Pre natal massage can help you get a good night’s sleep and prevent pregnancy related insomnia
  • Pregnancy massage can also relax your baby
  • It is safe to have massages during your pregnancy for the entire 40 weeks
  • The perfect gift for an expectant mother
  • A prenatal massage can even relax you during labour and help strengthen contractions.

It is essential that you see a massage therapist who is qualified in pregnancy massage. Lisa is experienced in pregnancy massage and knows what areas to focus on to provide pregnant women with maximum benefits during a pregnancy massage therapy session. Massage is performed with a pregnancy pillow which allows the mother-to-be to lay face down on the table in complete comfort for regular massages over the entire 40 weeks.

Please discuss your plans for a pregnancy massage with your healthcare provider to make sure that your doctor approves massage in your condition. Most physicians will support the use of massage during pregnancy but may recommend the massage therapist avoid massaging your lower back or abdomen.

As Surfcoast Massage is based in Torquay we are just a short drive for our clients in Geelong, Melbourne and the Surf Coast. Ask us about remedial massage and therapeutic massage as part of your after pregnancy care plan.