5 tips to avoid headaches and neck pain

December 23, 2018

Our day to day life puts a lot of stress on our body and headaches and neck pain can be avoided by just modifying a few things that are staring us in the face. Surfcoast Massage can help you to identify the problems that are causing the muscular tension or causing headaches.

  • Hydration, drinking alcohol dehydrates the body so always drink plenty of water when drinking alcohol. When consuming alcohol a good rule of thumb is eat when drinking and when you finish eating you stop drinking.
  • Work stations can be a problem if they are not set up correctly. Make sure the screen is at eye level so that you aren’t looking down for hours,¬† have a foot¬†rest so that it stops you from leaning in to the screen. Take regular breaks and stretch the body.
  • Foods can also play a big part in headaches, sugar being one of the most common causes in woman as it fluctuates the sugar levels and makes our hormones imbalanced.
  • Mobile phones can also rate a big problem with neck posture as you are looking downwards to see the screen and we seem to spend more time on iphones and ipads than ever before. Lying on the couch, in bed or in a chair.
  • Pillows can also cause neck pain and headaches if they are to high or to low and getting the right pillow can be a nightmare but it is very important to get the right one to avoid neck pain and headaches.

When you have neck pain or headaches Surfcoast massage is fully qualified in remedial massage, dry needling, cranial sacral therapy and mobilising so call Lisa at Surfcoast massage on 0438668878 to discuss what might be causing your neck pain or headaches.