Plantar warts and the best tip to eliminate them

January 27, 2019

A plantar wart is a wart occurring on the bottom of the foot or toe. Their colour is typically similar to that of the skin. Small black dots may occur on the surface, one or more may occur in an area. Walking can be painful, pressure on the foot can be difficult and then your gait can change causing pain in knees and up into hips and back.

They are caused by the human papillomavirus, a break in the skin is all it takes for the infection to occur. The warts may not become visible for several weeks or months. The most common way to contract the virus is communal showers and are common in young children and young adults. The pressure on the sole of the foot pushes the wart inward and a hard layer of skin may form over the wart and it can be painful if left untreated.

Plantar warts are often similar to calluses or corns, plantar warts tend to be painful on application of pressure from either side of the lesion rather than direct pressure, unlike calluses which tend to be painful on direct pressure instead.


  • Avoid direct contact with communal changing rooms by wearing thongs into showers
  • Avoid sharing of shoes and socks
  • Avoid contact with warts on other parts of the body and on the bodies of others
  • Cover them with adhesive bandage while swimming
  • Do not share towels


  • Cut a piece of banana skin to cover the wart and be generous as the skin shrinks
  • Place the inside of the banana (flesh) on the wart then get some elastoplast and wrap it right around your foot firm but not tight. Shower with the tape on and do not take off for a week.
  • Leave on for 1 week and repeat the treatment for six weeks
  •  After doing this procedure for six weeks the the wart will have disappeared. The skin of the banana draws the roots of the wart out.
  • If left untreated the foot will become extremenly sore and hard to walk on properly.

Surfcoast massage has worked on a lot of clients with plantar warts and maybe unaware of how to treat the problem.  If untreated this can change your gait and start effecting knees, hips and lower back. If your needing help to identify causes of pain call Lisa on 0438668878 to start solving the problem. Surfcoast massage is located in Torquay and Jan Juc.