Lymphatic drainage post operative

March 25, 2017

Surfcoast massage is fully qualified and trained to perform lymphatic drainage, post operative can be extremely effective as fluid builds around the injured area protecting the joint or area that has been operated on. Lymphatic drainage is very effective to work on area’s after operations because the massage is working on the lymph system not muscles, ligaments, tendons, or skeletal. The lymph system can be compromised very easily, the lymph system can move the fluid down the body but coming back up the body can be a struggle with transportation if there has been vascular or surgical operations performed. Over time the fluid accumulates in the lower extremities and this can cause heaviness in the limb, soreness, ulceration and cellulitis in extreme cases,  all due to the  poor circulation and sluggish transportation of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage helps to move the sluggish fluid through the body which helps move metabolic wastes out of the body, improves the protein, oxygen flow and reboots the lymphatic system to start working more effectively.

Surfcoast massage located in Torquay and Jan Juc can help with lymphatic drainage, call Lisa to discuss your treatment and see how the results can improve your well being. Lisa can be contacted on 0438668878.