Neck pain

February 26, 2017

Surfcoast  massage located in Torquay and Jan Juc can help you identify the problems with neck pain.

This can be from working on computers, sitting with a laptop / ipad on the couch for periods longer than you should. Incorrect chairs and desks that are too high or low. All of this can cause necks to seize up after spending hours in the same position with bad posture.

Headaches, neck restrictions and shoulder pain can be all from incorrect posture. If your going to use a ipad / laptop computer make it short term and on a desk. Check to see if your work station is set up correctly if your not sure your OH&S should be able to help you or speak to Surfcoast massage. Correcting small things like the height of your chair, monitor at eye level and having a chair with no arms so that it can fit under the desk. Sitting upright with your feet on a foot raise can sit you back in the chair so that you don’t lean into the screen, having the foot raise feels uncomfortable if you do want to slouch into the monitor and you will automatically correct your posture. Simple things like this can mean no more sore necks, shoulder pain or headaches. Check your work station today and keep laptops / ipads short and sweet. Surfcoast massage will use a variety of modalities to release the tension in the muscles and joint soreness. Dry needling, remedial massage, soft tissue and mobilising are just some techniques that would be used in the treatment.

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