Tight hamstrings and back pain

April 30, 2017

Tight hamstrings and back pain practiced by Surfcoast Massage located in Jan Juc and Torquay.

Tight hamstrings accompany virtually all cases of chronic lower back pain. The pull of these tight muscles forces the lumbar spine into a forward bent posture, the effects of which are especially felt during physical activity. Additionally the overall mobility of the hip joints is affected.

It is the iliopsoas muscle which has the strongest pull on our spine, it is attached to the L1-L5 and T1 vertebrae. A tight psoas can pull on the spine and compress the disc’s and vertebral joints associated. This is a very strong muscle. If it is always tight the compression is amplified along with pain stretching of the psoas is vital to back health. A chronic state of shortening can lead to an increased anterior pelvic tilt which is very harmful to the discs, especially L5-S1 region. A tight iliacus muscle also corresponds to a tight spoas. The other hip flexor muscles mentioned also influence the anterior pelvic tilt.

What we must understand is that there is a direct relationship with the lumbar spine and your hips that cannot be over emphasised. The more that you use your hips and legs the less work your spine must perform.  It is through the combined action of maintaining strong and supportive back and abdominal muscles to control neutral posture, together with the hip flexors and hamstrings that lower back pain is reduced or minimised.

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