Surfcoast massage has 4 tips during Covid-19 for hairdressers wearing masks

August 16, 2020

Wearing masks has proven to be difficult for hairdressers, looking down and over masks when cutting or colouring hair is effecting necks and shoulders. Wearing a mask has changed their posture causing them to extend their necks to look over their masks.

Here are 4 tips to help with posture and the way you work:

  • Have a chair that you can adjust to sit on, bring your chair up and the clients chair down. This is your work station so modifying how you work is so important.
  • Get a mask that fits you and that doesn’t move around, a mask that you can breathe through easily.
  • Get regular body work done eg. massage to help with your upper body that does all the work
  • Check you posture and modify your chair height to each client.

Work stations are so important to modify to your clients height and posture. Surfcoast massage is working with people from all industries to help correct work stations and posture, it’s so important.

Call Lisa 0438668878 to arrange an appointment to discuss the problems you are having with your body and how changing a few things can improve your work station. Surfcoast massage is qualified in many modalities remedial massage, craniosacral therapy, dry needling and cupping are just a few therapies Lisa has to offer.