Covid 19 and the impact it has had on our work place

July 24, 2020

Covid 19 has challenged us in many ways and working from home or home schooling is just some of the challengers. Working from home has meant working from the dining room table, kitchen bench or in the lounge room all of which are not good for our posture.  Covid 19 is not short term it’s unknown how long we will be working from home and this is where we need to change and invest in our work place at home. By just changing a few things that will make a big difference to our back and neck and avoid neck and back pain.

Tips that will make a difference

  • Buy a desk and chair
  • Buy a chair that can be adjustable and has no arms this way you can move your chair into the desk
  • Don’t wear slippers or ugg boots while working at home as they don’t support your feet, especially if you have a stand up desk
  • When setting up your monitor make sure it is at eye level, if it’s not put some books under it to give it height so that you can bring the monitor up to eye level
  • Tax deduction

Surfcoast massage has been working on people who are working from home with incorrect work stations, most complaints have been shoulder, neck and lower back pain. Surfcoast massage can sort these problems out, modify things and give you some tips to help improve your work place. Surfcoast massage is located in Jan Juc and is qualified in remedial, deep tissue, dry needling these are just some of the modalities we offer. Just go to our website to look at all the modalities we offer or call Lisa on 0438668878 to arrange an appointment.