Computers and neck and back pain

April 24, 2016

Millions of people now sit at a computer for prolonged periods of time, whether that be for work or recreation. One of the most common complaints of individuals who work at a computer for hours a day is neck and back problems. Improper computer set up could be the main factor in why these symptoms are occurring. Proper posture is important no matter what kind of device your using.


Use with an external keyboard, using it for a prolonged period of time will cause bad posture in the neck and back. Laptops on aeroplanes again can cause bad posture, looking down on to the monitor is causing the neck to be in a position which can cause headaches and neck pain if used for long periods of time. Short term use is the best solution.


Your monitor needs to be at eye level, your chair needs to be adjustable and a foot rest will improve your posture, so that when you lean in it will feel uncomfortable. Leaning in will cause lower back problems and neck issues.


Short term use is the best solutions as prolonged use can cause posture issues and the neck will be compromised.


Having a chair without arm rests usually fits better with any desk. Having arm rests will raise your shoulders and increase tension in the shoulders/neck area.


Having a phone with a headset or on speaker phone will also help your posture, resting the phone between the neck and shoulders will only create neck pain.


Make sure the mouse is not placed too far away, having it close to the keyboard will help your shoulder muscles.

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