Lower Back Pain

January 24, 2016

Surfcoast massage located in Torquay and Jan  Juc can help you with lower back pain.   Lower back pain can be caused by many different things, but one that is over looked is the way we sleep. Rotation of the legs, sleeping on the stomach can not only rotate the lower part of the back but also rotates the neck. Changing sleeping habits can change the feeling, tightness, soreness in the back. Having a pillow to the side so that when you turn from your back to your side your leg rests on the pillow so that you cannot rotate right over on to your stomach. This small thing will help stabilise the lower back and help the neck as well. Surfcoast massage Torquay and Jan Juc is qualified and will help with these problems combining remedial massage mobilising and dry needling to release the muscle tension. Surfcoast massage will help you identify what is causing the problem so that the repetition and damage can be changed and the issue dealt with.                                                             If you have lower back problems and not sure what is causing it, call Lisa on 0438668878 https://www.surfcoastmassage.com.au/contact/ at Surfcoast massage Torquay and Jan Juc to speak to her about any problems you maybe experiencing.