Sore ribs

February 21, 2016

Are you suffering from sore ribs surfcoast massage in Torquay and Jan Juc can help you.

Sore ribs maybe caused by tight intercostal muscles that can pull at the ribs and joint. Remedial massage, dry needling and myofascial work can help to release the muscle tension then allowing the rib to move. By taking the pressure off the rib it will help with breathing better or turning, so that it doesn’t have that sharp pain. Working through the referring area’s and then into the primary area of pain can help enormously. Surfcoast massage Torquay / Jan Juc can help you with ribcage problems which can often be extremely painful. It can be fixed so make sure you get the right treatment. Surfcoast massage is qualified in remedial massage, dry needling, mobilising and myofascial release, which will help with rib pain. A combination of therapies are often more affective in the one treatment, so speak to Lisa. Contact surfcoast massage ┬áin Torquay / Jan Juc on 0438668878 for your next appointment or to discuss your treatment plan.