Lymphatic Drainage

February 12, 2020

The lymphatic system is designed to go after pathogens, fight viruses and push out waste products.

The lymphatic system and liver depend on each other working to filter out heavy metals, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. The liver filters out these heavy metals and poisons that affect the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system and liver rely on each other to help the immune system.

When the immune system gets run down the liver is depleted of zinc and both the liver and lymph system need zinc to fight viruses and to work effectively. Most people are deficient in zinc and when we are depleted of this mineral chronic illnesses start to appear, the lymph system needs zinc in the white blood cells to fight viruses.

Fruits and vegetables that are great for the lymph system are:

  • Pears, cherries, apples, peaches and melons.
  • celery juice has sodium cluster salts that help heal the lymphatic system and lymphoedema
  • Dandelion tea for the lymphatic system and liver
  • Olive leaf extract eradicates the pathogens in the body
  • Tomatoes heal the liver and purge the lymph system
  • Radish is an amazing root vegetable that has vitamin B groups, it has zinc which help clean heavy metals and cleans the veins and arteries in out body. The radish also has minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Surfcoast Massage is fully qualified in lymphatic drainage and if you suffer from lymphoedema, sluggish immune system, fatigue call Lisa to discuss a treatment suitable for you.