Massage and stretching

August 20, 2016

Surfcoast massage is big on stretching but over stretching can result in injury and incorrect stretching.

When doing any stretch it should feel good and the most important part about stretching is holding the stretch for 30 to 45 seconds that’s when you relax into the stretch getting more out of the muscle, oxygenating the muscle and encouraging blood flow. Just doing some simple stretches first thing in the morning can help increase your energy levels just with opening the muscles and encouraging blood flow and oxygen. Stretch helps keep your body feeling good and nimble, but over stretching can result in injury and that’s when Surfcoast massage can help you understand what you have done incorrectly and then showing you how to get the most out of a stretch. Over stretching can pull at the joints causing soreness in the area of where you have done the stretch. If your not sure of what you should be doing or how to do the stretch ask Surfcoast massage in Torquay or Jan Juc to help you to understand the simplicity of the stretch. You can be carrying injuries and not knowing what has caused the problem and solving the issues is part of the massage and resulting in a quick recovery.

Surfcoast massage can be contacted on 0438668878 is fully qualified in remedial massage, sports massage, dry needling, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, cranial sacral therapy and so much more. Call Lisa to make an appointment and make sure you speak about your stretching routine to see what can be modified into a better stretch.