5 Ways to reduce burnout

October 30, 2022

Surfcoast massage deals with people who are stressed with work, family and life, here are some ways to take time out for yourself and enjoy Christmas as it aproaches.

  • Take time out for yourself that could be a bath, a walk, dinner out or meditate. Take breaks for lunch and make sure you get up from the computer through out the day.
  • Prioritise your day with zome meetings, emails and interuptions with people coming into your office. Delegate work to other people and manage your workload.
  • Stay connected with friends and family this can help balance you. Take a holiday with friends or family and keep it simple.
  • Find an activity or something you have been meaning to do, this can help you refocus and unwind.
  • Ask for help, lighten the load and confide with family and friends.

Surfcoast massage is fully qualified in craniosacral therapy working the nervous system through the spine, cranial and jaw. Take time out for yourself and your health will benefit from it.