5 reasons to have pregnancy massage

August 18, 2022

As women move through the 3 trimesters of pregnancy the pelvis needs to open to prepare for birth. It is important to have regular treatment during this time so that the pelvis can open with the growth of the baby. When the pelvis, lower back and glutes are released it helps the body cope so much better with the changes that the body goes through in the different stages of trimesters.

The benefits of pregnancy massage are:

  • Relieve sciatic pain or lower back pain
  • Giving the baby room to move and grow
  • Laying on a pregnancy cushion during the 3 trimesters in a safe enviroment
  • Qualified professionals able to identify when to refer to other health practioners
  • ¬†Preparing your body for birth to get the best outcome

Surfcoast massage encourages all pregnant women to come in for a qualified treatment and prepare your body for  birth. We recommend 4 weekly treatments through out the pregnancy in order to make the journey so much easier with the transition into each trimester.

Call Lisa at Surfcoast massage to make an appointment so we can organise a treatment plan designed for you. Surfcoast massage is fully qualified in pregnancy massage and is here to help woman through the journey of pregnancy.