How craniosacral can help with concussion

August 25, 2021

Craniosacral therapists see the cranial system of plates, sutures and membranes in the skull as having mobility, the capacity to breathe. Head injuries and concussion can adversely this mobility and affect the free flow and stable pressure of cerebrospinal fluid and blood flow. The gentle manipulations can restore plate, suture and membrane mobility and promote an improved flow of cerebral spinal fluid.

Craniosacral is done with a light touch and sustained for many minutes allowing the practitioner to perceive subtle movements in the area or over all system. During the session clients experience a sense of deep relaxation, calm and grounding.

Studies were done in August 2017 of craniosacral therapy with professional football players. The players all had medically diagnosed post concussion syndrome and statistically greater improvements in pain intensity, orthopedic range of motion, memory, cognition and sleep after 10 sessions of craniosacral therapy.

Surfcoast Massage is fully qualified in craniosacral therapy and works on clients with concussion, victims of car accidents, migraine sufferers, depression and bipolar.

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