4 Symptoms of whiplash

November 3, 2019

Symptoms of whiplash

  • Pain moving neck
  • stiffness, tightness and soreness in neck
  • Tenderness, bruising and swelling
  • Headaches

Massage is the most effective treatment for whiplash breaking up the scar tissue. When whiplash initially occurs here are the first things to do

  • Ice to help with swelling
  • anti inflammatories to help with pain

Once the swelling and pain has reduced book in for a massage this will help loosen the muscle tension, decrease scar tissue and help mobility. Treatment should then be done on a weekly basis for approximately 8-12 weeks depending on the severity. Without treatment on whiplash the scar tissue thickens and you will continue to have aching muscles and soreness in this area, treatment is important so that you can have a lifestyle pain free. If you leave it untreated the scar tissue is a lot harder to break up but it can still be treated, the earlier you get treatment on the injury the better you will feel.

Surfcoast Massage can help with not just whiplash but other injuries whether it be car accidents or sport injuries call Lisa at Surfcoast Massage located in Jan Juc and Torquay on 0438668878.