5 ways to manage epileptic seizures

May 26, 2019

Surfcoast massage has been working with people with epilepsy for over 15 years. Epilepsy is where abnormal electrical activity occurs in the brain, it is a disorder of the nervous system.

The well being part of your life can help manage the condition.

Massage is often used to reduce tension in the muscles and the nervous system. Having regular muscles can make a big difference to the body assisting with sleep, tension and stress.

Balanced diet helps the body and brain to function helping us to stay healthy. This may help reduce the risk of seizures for some people, if your gut isn’t right then it can effect other area’s of the body, moods, bowel movements, appetite, toxic headaches, drinking water reduces the risk of seizures triggered by dehydration.

Exercise improves fitness, energy and relieves stress. Exercise releases dopamine endorphins into the brain, helps keep your muscles active, reduces fat levels in the body and increases oxygen flow to the brain.

Knowing the 5 triggers for seizures

  • Smoking decreases oxygen intake
  • Alcohol in excessive amounts
  • Drugs or self medicating
  • sleep deprived
  • stress

These triggers can be easily eliminated once you make the choice to look after yourself.

Lisa understands epilepsy as she was diagnosed as an epileptic at the age of 11 years of age. Calming the nervous system down with massage, meditation, getting good quality sleep and eliminating drugs and alcohol is the first step to assisting you with your well being. Lisa practices what she preaches getting regular massage and osteopathic work, exercise, sleep and a good diet. Eliminating stress is the key to a healthier life and reducing seizures.

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