7 Benefits to Lymphatic massage and sports massage

March 24, 2019

Surfcoast massage has been working with clients treating them with lymphatic drainage for all sorts of reasons, pre games, detoxing the body, post games or marathons, injuries and lymphedema and the list goes on. Some AFL teams are now just seeing the benefits of lymphatic drainage. Moving fluid from injured areas speeding up recovery after games or marathons. Lymphatic drainage calms the body and mind into a relaxed state to fall into a deep sleep. When concussion occurs fluid surrounds the injured area and can take days / weeks for the fluid to reduce and this is one of the benefits of lymphatic drainage where it can assist in quicker recovery but only once the Doctors have cleared them from hospital and allow the treatment to go ahead.

Lymphatic drainage clears the fluid from the cranial area assisting the mind to think clearer and support concentration levels, help vision to be clearer, aid in the sensory part of the brain with light and noise, temperature and touch. Headaches and nausea can be eliminated by moving toxins through the body. Lymphatic drainage and sports massage can be incorporated to benefit the athletic in a quicker recovery pre or post games.

Benefits of Lymphatic drainage

  • Knee injuries post games
  • Concussion
  • Recovery after game days or marathons moving toxins and excess fluid
  • Removing toxins and metabolic wastes from the body
  • Post operative reducing scar tissue and fluid
  • Preparation pre games or marathons

Surfcoast massage is fully qualified in both sports massage and lymphatic drainage, this amazing treatment has only just been recognised for the benefits and assistance it can have on the athletes, if you would like to organise a treatment or discuss some further inquiries call Lisa on 0438668878 and reap the benefits.