7 main causes of knee pain and injuries

August 26, 2018

Knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint that brings people to their doctor. With today’s increasingly active society the number of knee problems are increasing.

The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body. All our weight bearing is transfered to the knee joint, the joint allows the leg to bend and provides stability to support the weight of the body. Over use of the  joint can cause irritation, inflammation or injury of the tendon.

7 Main Causes:

  • Iliotibial band syndrome, running excessively downhill can overstretch your IT band
  • Bursitis excessive bending and kneeling
  • Dislocated kneecap sudden change in direction when your leg is planted on the ground
  • Osgood- Schlatter disease during your adolescent development you can over do it with exercise
  • Loose cartilage an injury can cause cartilage to break loose and get stuck in your knee joint
  • Patellar tendinitis the tendon that connects your kneecap to your shin bone can become inflammed from excessive exercising or jumping.
  • Osteoarthritis This is the main cause of knee pain after the age of 50.

Surfcoast Massage works with knee injuries and pain, athletes preparing themselves for up coming marathons and races will push themselves hard to achieve their best. During the preparation injuries can occur and sports massage can help prevent injuries but can also help to identify problems that can occur before they happen. Changing some training maybe all it takes to help prevent injury. Young adolescents growing and doing lots of exercise can be identified by Surfcoast Massage as osgood-schlatter disease helping with exercises and massage to prevent the pain.

Surfcoast massage can help you identify the causes of knee pain and injury, we can work with you or refer you to other practitioners to prevent on going pain and injury. If your struggling with knee pain call Surfcoast massage and speak to Lisa on 0438668878 we are located in Jan Juc and Torquay.