2 top tips to avoiding neck pain

August 20, 2017

Surfcoast massage located in Torquay and Jan Juc can help you avoid neck pain and the way we work is one that can contribute to neck strain and pain.

  • Avoid looking down on ipads and iphones have them sitting at eye level
  • Work shorter periods on laptops ipads and iphones
  • Have your work station set up correctly so that your monitor is at eye level and your chair has no handles so that you can sit closer to your desk.
  • Two monitors can also cause problems so make sure your monitors are close together and at eye level.
  • Using phones for long periods can also strain the neck, spending less time on face book, phone calls and texting will help immensely.

Surfcoast massage can help with sleeping habits and identify the problem causing neck pain.

  • Go to a pillow shop and try as many pillows as possible to help you to get the best night sleep
  • sleeping on your stomach will only lock your cervical and cause wear and tear, sleeping in the same position for long periods of time on your stomach will cause stiffness and pain.
  • sleeping on your back or side will help with the neck and having the right pillow will make a huge difference
  • your mattress after 10 years will start to show body shapes and have no support for your back or neck so start thinking how old your mattress might be
  • reading in bed with your neck in a strained position will cause soreness so sit up in bed supporting you back and neck having your reading material at eye level

Using these tips for daily use on computers and sleeping habits can make a massive difference to our bad habits that we do everyday. Surfcoast massage is fully qualified in identifying these neck issues and can work through the neck relieving the strain on joints and muscle tension. Surfcoast massage located in Torquay and Jan Juc can be contacted on 0438668878 speak to Lisa to organise your next appointment.