5 tips to prevent a pulled hamstring

June 18, 2017

Surfcoast massage is fully qualified to do sports massage and can help you to understand the prevention of hamstrings strains. Surfcoast massage is located in Torquay and Jan Juc.

Warm ups: This should consist of some light aerobic exercise followed by stretching and sports specific drills with gradually increasing intensity.

Flexibility: The greater the flexibility of the hamstrings the less prone they are to injury. Flexibility can be improved with a programme of hamstring stretching and sports massage. Stretching needs to be performed at least 3 times a day to see a long term increase in flexibility.

Hamstring strength:

The lack of hamstring strength is strongly linked to hamstring injury. Eccentric strength is particularly important as it is eccentric contractions which most often cause hamstring strains. Eccentric contractions are those that occur whilst the muscle lengthens, to control or slow down movement. In the case of hamstring strains, eccentric contractions work to decelerate the forward movement of the lower leg when sprinting.

Tiredness and fitness: When a player is fatigued he or she loses coordination between certain muscle groups. Improving your fitness, endurance and looking at hydration and nutrition will be a key factor in preventing strains in the bicep femoris.

Compression shorts and hamstring supports

These are designed to increase the warmth, blood flow and support for the muscles. Warm flexible muscles are less prone to injury.

Surfcoast massage is located in Torquay and Jan Juc and is fully qualified in sports massage, Lisa can help you to understand and treat the problem. Contact Surfcoast massage on 0438668878 to book an appointment or to find out more speak to Lisa.