Sacroiliac Joint Pain

June 26, 2016

Surfcoast Massage works with the pain of  sacroiliac pain or lower back pain. The sacroiliac joint is located at the bottom and just to the side of the back, patients can often describe the pain as a band across the lower back. Pain can range from an ache to a sharp pain which can restrict movement . Sacroiliac joint pain may radiate out into the buttocks and lower back and will often radiate to the front into the groin and occasionally the testicles. Stiffness in the lower back when getting up after sitting for long periods and when getting up from bed in the morning are 2 of the most common signs. Surfcoast massage can help with diagnosis, treatment and exercise to provide relief from the pain and discomfort. Sacroiliac joint pain can occur from four different causes, traumatic, biomechanical, hormonal and inflammatory joint disease. Dry needling, deep tissue, soft tissue and mobilising the area can all help with the pain and discomfort and Surfcoast Massage is qualified in all areas to help you.

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