Sciatic pain and dry needling

January 31, 2015

Sciatica is a common form of lower back and leg pain. Sciatica is a set of symptoms for what is irritating the root of the nerve to cause the pain. Symptoms include lower back pain, buttock pain, and numbness, pain or weakness in the leg, pins and needles, sensation or tingling and difficulty moving or controlling the leg. Symptoms only manifest on one side of the body. 

Treatment for sciatic pain ranges from hot and cold packs, stretching exercises, anti inflammory medication to help relax the muscle and decrease the inflammation.

Dry needling can be very effective releasing the nerve compression. The aim of dry needling is an effective treatment for chronic pain. Reserach supports that dry needling improves pain, reduces muscle tension and facilitates an accelerated return to active rehabilitation. Dry needling is very effective for all musculoskeletal problems, here are a few to note.

  • Sciatica and muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Tendinitis
  • Acute an chronic injuries
  • Neck and back pain

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